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The 'Go to Work' exhibition at Gallery 48 is a unique showcase created by local artists Mark Smith and his father, George Smith. This exhibition is not just about art but delves into themes of sobriety, charity, and transformation over its 6-8 week run.

'Go to Work' the exhibition echoing the title of Mark's energy-inducing debut single, is more than an exhibition. It’s a depiction of life's struggles and triumphs' It's a deeply personal story of Mark's journey from the grips of addiction to the liberating shores of sobriety, beautifully interwoven with his father George's tale of survival and determination following a critical heart attack. Each artwork, co-created with his father, symbolises milestones in their journey toward healing and understanding, inviting visitors to witness the power of the arts as a medium for change and recovery.

The central piece, 'Go to Work' is a representation of Mark's transition from darkness to light, symbolising his battle with addiction and the peace found in recovery. The piece and its creation is the focus of Mark's debut single 'Go to Work' along with other factors to a day in Mark’s life.

Mark's mission extends far beyond the exhibition as he aims to raise £100,000 for charities that align with his journey, such as British Heart Foundation, CHSS, and Movember. His initiative, Team 365, promotes sobriety, mental health improvement, and acts of kindness within the community.

Mark's personal charity challenges so far have ranged from a 21-day water fast to a successful bungee jump for charity, with more challenges planned throughout the year exemplifying his determination and commitment to growth and well-being.

The exhibition includes workshops and talks on the therapeutic role of art and the techniques used in creating the artworks, emphasising the message of hope and resilience throughout the event.

This exhibition promises to be a powerful showcase of personal transformation, resilience, and community support, inviting visitors to witness the profound impact of art in driving positive change.

Information published by Leisure and Culture Dundee.
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