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The Ardler Stairwells

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Volk Gallery is proud to present the work of Mysterious Cube. Each Volk artist is given a size limit and budget and left to their own devices. With this brief, Cube has produced a series of linoprints inspired by tales of ‘The Hairy Hand of the Ardler Multis' - a disembodied hand thought to scurry around stairwells and stoops, terrorising residents of the Ardler estate until its demolition in 1996. Using descriptions found on social media, and archival imagery, this urban legend is shown back in it’s natural habitat, back amongst the brutalist beams.

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Friday 1st March 2024 9:00am
Saturday 2nd March 2024 9:00am
Sunday 3rd March 2024 10:30am
Monday 4th March 2024 9:00am
Tuesday 5th March 2024 9:00am
Wednesday 6th March 2024 9:00am
Thursday 7th March 2024 9:00am
Friday 8th March 2024 9:00am
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