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Back to the Future

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The 1950s was an era of innovation in many fields of science and design, including here in Dundee. This exhibition features a wide range of objects and artworks from the University of Dundee Museum Collections. From bold new designs for furniture and textiles to cutting-edge scientific equipment and medical breakthroughs, don’t miss this celebration of the Futuristic Fifties!

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Friday 1st December 2023 9:30am
Saturday 2nd December 2023 11:00am
Monday 4th December 2023 9:30am
Tuesday 5th December 2023 9:30am
Wednesday 6th December 2023 9:30am
Thursday 7th December 2023 9:30am
Friday 8th December 2023 9:30am
Saturday 9th December 2023 11:00am
Monday 11th December 2023 9:30am
Tuesday 12th December 2023 9:30am
Wednesday 13th December 2023 9:30am
Thursday 14th December 2023 9:30am
Friday 15th December 2023 9:30am
Saturday 16th December 2023 11:00am
Monday 18th December 2023 9:30am
Tuesday 19th December 2023 9:30am
Wednesday 20th December 2023 9:30am
Thursday 21st December 2023 9:30am
Friday 22nd December 2023 9:30am
Wednesday 3rd January 2024 9:30am
Thursday 4th January 2024 9:30am
Friday 5th January 2024 9:30am
Saturday 6th January 2024 11:00am
Monday 8th January 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 9th January 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 10th January 2024 9:30am
Thursday 11th January 2024 9:30am
Friday 12th January 2024 9:30am
Saturday 13th January 2024 11:00am
Monday 15th January 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 16th January 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 17th January 2024 9:30am
Thursday 18th January 2024 9:30am
Friday 19th January 2024 9:30am
Saturday 20th January 2024 11:00am
Monday 22nd January 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 23rd January 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 24th January 2024 9:30am
Thursday 25th January 2024 9:30am
Friday 26th January 2024 9:30am
Saturday 27th January 2024 11:00am
Monday 29th January 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 30th January 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 31st January 2024 9:30am
Thursday 1st February 2024 9:30am
Friday 2nd February 2024 9:30am
Saturday 3rd February 2024 11:00am
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