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Dundee Preserves with University of Lincoln

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This mini exhibition aims to showcase the decade-long relationship The McManus has held with the University of Lincoln.

Behind the scenes we are constantly working to improve collections care. With over 150,000 objects we do not have the space to put everything on display, nor should we as light and fluctuating environments can lead to deterioration. We store the City's collection in environmentally monitored stores where objects are carefully packed. However, as is nature's intent, everything deteriorates and sometimes we intervene to prolong the life of the objects.

Objects that are required for display are treated by the museum's conservator. With such a large collection, attending to the needs of everything can be an uphill struggle. Sometimes objects go to specialist conservators, and sometimes an object is identified for the students of the University of Lincoln's practical BA and MA courses in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. On this course students get to work on real museum objects, researching, condition checking, creating a treatment proposal and ultimately putting that proposal into action. It is invaluable experience to help forge a career in conservation.

The students create a laboratory card for each object which returns with the object and is added to our database. Exhibited here is a snapshot of the 100 plus objects that have passed through the hands of the students.

Opening times:
Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm and Sunday, 12.30-4.30pm.
From 30 September 2023 to 28 June 2024.

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Friday 21st June 2024 10:00am
Saturday 22nd June 2024 10:00am
Sunday 23rd June 2024 12:30pm
Monday 24th June 2024 10:00am
Tuesday 25th June 2024 10:00am
Wednesday 26th June 2024 10:00am
Thursday 27th June 2024 10:00am
Friday 28th June 2024 10:00am
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