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Snake In The Grass

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Think very carefully. If you drop her - if you drop Alice down that well, then there is no going back, there really isn't. They certainly will put you in prison, for a very long time indeed…

Alan Ayckbourn’s spine-tingling murder mystery Snake in the Grass comes to thrilling new life in a new production from Dundee Rep Theatre. Directed by Andrew Panton, this haunting play follows two sisters, returning to their childhood home after the death of their abusive father. As the day turns to night, they begin to confront their dark past and unsettling present, in a gripping tale of family secrets and retribution.

Starring well-kent faces to Rep audiences, Ann Louise Ross and Emily Winter, Snake in the Grass is a masterful mix of suspense, mystery, and dark humour, guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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Friday 13th September 2024 7:30pm
Saturday 14th September 2024 7:30pm
Tuesday 17th September 2024 7:30pm
Wednesday 18th September 2024 7:30pm
Thursday 19th September 2024 7:30pm
Friday 20th September 2024 7:30pm
Saturday 21st September 2024 7:30pm
Tuesday 24th September 2024 7:30pm
Wednesday 25th September 2024 7:30pm
Thursday 26th September 2024 2:30pm
Thursday 26th September 2024 7:30pm
Friday 27th September 2024 7:30pm
Saturday 28th September 2024 2:30pm
Saturday 28th September 2024 7:30pm
Tuesday 1st October 2024 7:30pm
Wednesday 2nd October 2024 7:30pm
Thursday 3rd October 2024 2:30pm
Thursday 3rd October 2024 7:30pm
Friday 4th October 2024 7:30pm
Saturday 5th October 2024 2:30pm
Saturday 5th October 2024 7:30pm
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