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Ellen K Levy - Seeing Through

Ellen K Levy - Seeing Through Image
A site-specific exhibition by multimedia artist Ellen K Levy, reinterpreting the collections of the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum.

The ideas and collections of D’Arcy Thompson, the University’s first Professor of Biology, have profoundly influenced many artists and writers who re-interpret natural history, projecting it through the lens of evolution, fantasy, consumption, fear or desire. This unique exhibition features site-specific prints and video work. It proposes tours of Thompson’s collection visualised as if through the lenses of futurist author J G Ballard and pop-artist Richard Hamilton. We visit the collection through dizzying perspectival renderings of merged organic/machine hybrids, eco-catastrophes and space travel, as alluded to by Hamilton and Ballard. Levy’s speculative exhibition explores our synergistic relationship with technology, including our aspirations and its threats. Our notions of evolution are, themselves, evolving.

Opening times Mon-Fri 9.30am-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm.

As well as the work in the Tower Foyer Gallery, there are additional interventions in the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum (open on the second Saturday of every month 2-4.30pm and Friday afternoons from 7 June).

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Thursday 13th June 2024 9:30am
Friday 14th June 2024 9:30am
Saturday 15th June 2024 11:00am
Monday 17th June 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 18th June 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 19th June 2024 9:30am
Thursday 20th June 2024 9:30am
Friday 21st June 2024 9:30am
Saturday 22nd June 2024 11:00am
Monday 24th June 2024 9:30am
Tuesday 25th June 2024 9:30am
Wednesday 26th June 2024 9:30am
Thursday 27th June 2024 9:30am
Friday 28th June 2024 9:30am
Saturday 29th June 2024 11:00am