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Dundee Improv Workshops

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What Can Improv Do For You?
Boosts your confidence
Helps you make friends
Promotes flexibility and thinking on your feet
Helps you take risks and challenge your fears
Teaches you to be more mindful and be really present
Helps you find time to play and go with the flow
Helps you to not take yourself too seriously
Improves your listening skills
Makes you more spontaneous and creative
And most importantly - it's fun!

MYTH BUSTING! You don’t have to be fast, funny or a natural performer to enjoy and be good at Improv. We each bring a brick and - together - we build a cathedral.

Who Is It For?
Everyone! People with experience of Improv and those who've never tried it before: actors, non-actors, performers, comedians, poets, business people, teachers, sales/marketing professionals and absolutely anyone who wants to improve their confidence, relationships and communication skills. There will be fresh and progressive content for those who have attended previous Improv events with us - no two Improv classes are ever the same!

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From £125.
Booking Required
Promoted By: The Acting Lab
Saturday 2nd March 2024 10:00am
Bell Street
01382 308000