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Templeton Woods

How to find Templeton Woods

Templeton Woods Map

Situated just 15 minutes' drive from Dundee city centre and just off the Coupar Angus Road (A923) before Birkhill.

by bus ...

Take the number 57 or 59 (Stagecoach Buses) from Dundee city centre to Templeton Woods entrance.

There is a Disabled Access Guide for Templeton Woods Visitor Centre available here:-

Wildlife at Templeton

Red Squirrel

There are a surprising number of permanent residents in the woods, who you may be lucky enough to spot.

These include roe deer that graze the forest and are most easily spotted at dawn and dusk. Buzzards nest in the woods and can often be heard calling to their mates as they soar above the tree tops.

Jays are the beautifully coloured members of the crow family, whose harsh screech can often be heard in the car park. Keep your eyes peeled though, as they are very secretive birds.

Red squirrels are found throughout the wood, making Dundee one of the few cities in Britain to be a home to these cute tree-dwelling mammals. They can be seen scampering around and jumping through the trees in search of food.


Trees in Templeton Woods

Trees are important, valuable and necessary to our very existence.

All life on earth depends on them because they do so many great jobs. For example, trees produce oxygen, improve the soil, clean the air, fight soil erosion and slow storm water run-off. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year!

People and the Woods

Visitor Centre

Templeton Woods visitor centre has been open since 1980, providing a welcome to the visitors who come to walk, cycle, run, orienteer and horse ride on the many tracks and trails through the woodland.

The woods were initially planted in the 1800s by David Taylor, the head forester to the 1st Earl of Camperdown.

The woods originally covered more than twice the area they do today; they stretched east across Downfield Golf Course and Ardler, to what is now MacApline Road.

These days, Templeton covers over 150 acres (a football pitch is roughly 2 acres) and is used by a wide range of people and organisations throughout the city for recreation, volunteering opportunities, training for employment and nature conservation. It is a working woodland managed by the Forestry Section.

A range of fun family events take place during the year including "Red Alert!", a chance to find out about red squirrels, "Naturally Artistic" forest craft days as well as "Fungal Forays" and "Hallowe'en Howling" in the autumn.

Download the Templeton Woods leaflet (1.3MB PDF)

Green Flag

Templeton Woods has been awarded a Green Flag for a number of years now.

This is a nationally recognised award for maintaining a local greenspace to a high standard.

It has been independently judged to be a welcoming, safe and secure, well maintained and managed area.

Countryside Ranger Service

Rangers with Group of Children

In addition to our planned programme of events, Countryside Rangers provide a number of other services.

  • Evening talks and guided walks for groups
  • Education services
  • Work in the community

Other woodland sites to visit; Balgay Hill, Dundee Law, Caird Park, Reres Hill, Camperdown Country Park and Middleton Wood.

Get Involved

Stones in Templeton Woods

The woods need help to be looked after, and your opinions and skills can help us improve the woods for people and wildlife.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please let us know.




Contact Us

If you want advice or information on any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 01382 431848, Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm

Countryside Ranger Service, Courtyard Office
Camperdown House, Camperdown Country Park
Dundee DD2 4TF