A-Z Recycling Guide

We understand it can be a little confusing knowing which items can or cannot be recycled, what you should do with them or which bin to use. To help make things easier, we’ve put together an A-Z guide for residents that provides guidance on what to do when disposing of items.​

Recycling if you live in a flat or tenement

Bring Sites have been provided to make it easier for residents living in flats and tenements in Dundee to recycle. Please be considerate of others when using these facilities.

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Recycling points across the city

Recycling points are smaller in scale and have a more limited number of bins than Recycling Centres. However, they are sited in locations throughout Dundee.

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What can and cannot go in your bins

Grey (General Waste) Blue (Paper & Cardboard) Burgundy (Metals, plastics, cartons) Green Caddies (Food Waste) Brown (Garden Waste)

Recycle for Dundee

Click on a letter or use the category filter to search for your item.

Item Category Guidance More Info
Cartons (Tetra-paks - a type of plasticised cardboard carton) Food & Drink

Typically used for storing liquids such as milk, soup, fruit juice, tomatoes etc. Tetra Pak - 75% paperboard, 20% of polyethylene and 5% of aluminium.

  • Rinse out & squash.
  • Place in Burgundy Recycling Bins.
  • Do not place in blue paper & cardboard bins.
Cassettes & Video Tapes Entertainment
  • Donate to local charity shop.
  • Do not place in Burgundy recycling bins.
  • Place in Grey general waste bin.
CD/DVD Cases Entertainment
Christmas Tree Recycling (Seasonal) Garden / Organics

We would encourage householders to recycle their tree and not place it out with the general waste collection for uplift.

  • 'Real' trees are recyclable and can be shredded to produce Discovery Compost.  Remember to remove all tinsel and decorations and any pots or stands.  
  • Artificial trees are made from a combination of materials and therefore cannot be recycled.
  • In addition to the kerbside collections, Christmas trees can also be taken to your nearest household recycling centre.
  • More information about our kerbside Christmas Tree Recycling collections will be added nearer the festive period.
Cling-film Storage & Packaging
  • Not currently recycled.
  • Do not place in Burgundy recycling bins. 
  • Place in Grey general waste bin.
Coffee cups (Take-away) Food & Drink
  • Lid - Remove, rinse and recycle in Burgundy recycling bin. No black plastic please
  • Cup - Not currently recycled.  Dispose of cup in grey general waste bin.  
  • Alternatively, some high street coffee shops offer a recycling service.
Coffee grinds Food & Drink
  • Place in food waste caddy.
Coffee pods Food & Drink
  • Not currently recycled via kerbside collections, recycling points or Riverside/Baldovie recycling centres.
  • Do not place in Burgundy recycling bins.

Recycle via Podback - Coffee Pod Recycling Service:

  • Go to Podback website.
  • Use the Drop Off service
  • Order your coffee pods bags.
  • Simply fill your Podback recycling bag with used pods and take to your nearest Collect+ store.
  • Please note: these bags are for Collect+ stores only and cannot be used for Dundee City Council kerbside collections.

If you do not wish to recycle via Podback:

  • Place in Grey general waste bin
Compostible Food/Drink Packaging Food & Drink
  • Do not place in Brown Garden Waste Bin. 
  • Whilst these items are biodegradabe, they are unsuitable for producing commercial grade compost such as our own Discovery Compost which is certified to PAS 100 standards.  These items could lower the quality of our compost.
  • Do not place in Food Waste Caddies.
  • The anaerobic digestion system we use does not break this material down.

Home Composting

  • Items marked as "compostible" may be suitable for home composting but remains at the discretion of the consumer.
  • Home Compost Kits can be purchased via our website.

General Waste

  • If home composting is not an option then Place in Grey general waste bin.
Computers, game consoles, printers etc Electrical