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December 2021 Renewal Application Forms

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The Council passed a resolution in 1983 that all of the optional provisions in the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 would require to be licensed and accordingly anyone who, for example, wishes to trade in the street or deal in second hand goods, must be licensed.

These activities are listed below, together with all other activities which are licensed, with the exceptions of Taxis, Betting and Gaming and Liquor Licences which can be found in their own sections on this site.

Each application from contains notes of guidance.

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The Civic Miscellaneous applications are: (applying online temporarily unavailable, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused)

  1. Animal Boarding Licence
  2. Boat Hire
  3. Cinema Licence
  4. Dangerous Wild Animals Licence
  5. Dog Breeding
  6. Explosives / Fireworks Licence
  7. Houses in Multiple Occupation Licence
  8. Indoor Sports Entertainment Licence
  9. Knife Dealers Licence
  10. Late Hours Catering Licence
  11. Market Operator Licence
  12. Itinerant Metal Dealer Licence
  13. Metal Dealer Licence
  14. Mini Bus Permit
  15. Performing Animals Registration
  16. Pet Animals Registration
  17. Public Entertainment Licence
  18. Public Charitable Collection
  19. Riding Establishment Licence
  20. Second Hand Dealer Licence
  21. Sex Shop Licence
  22. Skin Piercing and Tattooing
  23. Street Trader Licence
  24. Theatre Licence
  25. Use of City Centre Areas
  26. Use of City Centre Areas - Commercial
  27. Venison Dealer Registration
  28. Window Cleaner Licence

Applying and paying online

 If you want to apply and pay online you can send the application to and any supporting information required. Once you have send the application you can then make payment online and use the correct fee.