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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please note: all licensing enquiries should be directed to 01382 434444. We apologise for any inconvenience caused (Mon 23 March)

Renewal of Licences during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (Fri 24 April)

How to renewal online on or before 31st August 2020

You can apply now until 31st August. Please don't leave it until the last day to avoid delay.

1. Download the application :

2. Complete the word version of the application

3. Email the application to

4. Use the online payment screen to make payment :

5. Select licensing from the drop down menu and then enter the licence fee amount, then enter the licence number your paying for i.e OP1234, SHD1234, LHC1234

6. Once we have received your application and payment will email you back to confirm.

Welcome to Dundee City Council's Licensing information. You can now apply and pay online for all licences.


To view the online registers visit the Public Licensing Register area of this website. Public registers for all licences can also be inspected at 20 City Square, Dundee between 8.45am and 4.45pm Mondays to Fridays.

You can request a list of application by licence type. The list costs £20 per licence type and this can requested at the office at 20 City Square, Dundee, DD1 3BY or by emailing and paying by bacs.

What type of licence do you need?

  1. Liquor Licences
    A Licence to sell alcohol either on the premises or off the premises, including applications by Voluntary Organisations for Occasional Licences.
  2. Gambling Act 2005 (Various Gambling Licences)
  3. Taxi or Taxi Driver Licences & Private Hire Car Licences
    A Licence to operate a taxi or private hire vehicles or a taxi badge to drive a taxi.
  4. Civic and Miscellaneous e.g. second hand dealers, window cleaners etc.
    Licences other than those at 1 to 3 above.
  5. Parades and Processions

Note: To ensure that anyone applying for licences has the latest versions of documents, we would ask that they regularly utilise this website, rather than store copies on their own computer over time.

All of the above licences are dealt with by the Licensing Section and you can contact us (office hours are 8.45am to 4.45pm):

  • By emailing
  • By calling 01382 434499, 01382 434805, 01382 434433 or 01382 434283
  • By writing to The Licensing Section, Dundee City Council, 20 City Square, DUNDEE DD1 3BY

The Private Sector Services Unit deals with applications for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Police Scotland also have a Licensing Section. You can contact them on 01382 591633.