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Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd was established in 1996.The Association's main activities are focused in the Greater Pollock area of Glasgow, where a variety of housing for rent is provided, and the Ardler estate in Dundee, where an extensive regeneration project has been completed.

A voluntary management committee comprising tenants of the Association and interested individuals from the housing, academic, business, and community/voluntary sectors in Scotland oversees the work of the Association.

Responsibility for managing our activities in Ardler and Beechwood have been delegated to a local committee - the Ardler Village Housing Committee and the Beechwood Housing Committee - both committees are made up mainly of local residents from Ardler and Beechwood.

The Ardler estate in Dundee transferred to Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd in December 2001 through a community led stock transfer from Dundee City council. An extensive regeneration programme has now been completed creating the new Ardler Village.

The Beechwood housing estate transferred to Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd from Beechwood Housing Cooperative Ltd on 1st April 2008.

Contact details
185 Turnberry Avenue
Dundee, DD2 3WN Map
Tel: 01382 823050


10 Maplewood Drive, Beechwood
Dundee DD2 3GF Map
Tel: 01382 812575 (Beechwood Office open Monday 2.00-4.00 and Friday 10.00-12.00.
Email: csc.requests@sanctuary-housing.co.uk
Website: https://www.sanctuary-scotland.co.uk/

Type of housing available

  • Sanctuary Scotland housing stock in Dundee consists of cottages and flats ranging in size from 2 person, 2 apartment flats to 7 person, 6 apartment houses.
  • Total Units in Dundee - 923
    • Ardler - 806 (60 sheltered properties in Ardler 40 flats and 20 bungalows)
    • Beechwood - 116
    • Menzieshill - 2

Who can apply

  • Applications are accepted from any person aged 16 or over

Where and how to apply 

  • You can request application forms from our offices in Ardler and Beechwood. Once you have completed the form and returned it to our office, you will be contacted if additional information is required and then confirmation will be sent of your position on our waiting list.
    • Dundee Offices Details
      • Ardler Office, 185 Turnberry Avenue, Dundee, DD2 3YN,Tel: 01382 823050 Map
      • Beechwood Office, 10 Maplewood Drive, Dundee, DD2 3GF, Tel: 01382 812575 Map
  • You can also request a form by e-mailing: scotland@sanctuary-housing.co.uk

How applications are assessed

  • In Ardler the Association operates a banding system to assess whether applicants have a sufficient housing need to be considered for housing. Applicants are placed on our housing list in the appropriate band in accordance with housing need and date of registration or change in circumstances.

Average waiting time
The Association has only a very small number of houses available for allocation each year so we cannot guarantee being able to offer a house to everyone accepted on to our waiting list.

Rent levels
Rent Levels Rent levels are reviewed annually in consultation with the tenants.

The rent charge varies depending on size and type of property.

Rights and responsibilities of RSL tenants
All tenants have a Scottish Secure Tenancy their rights and responsibilities are contained in the Tenancy Agreement

Repairs and maintenance

  • Repairs can be reported to our Customer Service Centre on Freephone 0800 781 4382, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or contact one of our offices direct to speak to a member of staff.
  • If you prefer, you can send your request in writing to one of our offices or via our e-mail address at: scotland@sanctuary-housing.co.uk


  • Medical adaptations to a property will be considered upon the recommendation of relevant agencies, such as Local Authority and/or NHS Trust Social Work or Occupational Therapy Departments.

Right to Buy

  • As the Association has charitable status, tenants do not have the right to buy their house. However, some of our original tenants who transferred from Dundee City Council may have a ‘preserved’ right to purchase their home subject to the Right to Buy legislation.
  • For further information and advice, please contact and a member of staff will be happy to discuss the matter further with you.

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • Transfers
    • In order for tenants to be considered for a transfer they will require to complete a Housing Application form and be added to the waiting list.
  • Mutual Exchanges
    • The Association will not unreasonably refuse permission for a mutual exchange of your house. The exchange must be with another house where the tenant holds a Scottish Secure Tenancy .
    • The landlord does not need to be us.
    • The other landlord must also agree to the exchange.
    • Applications for mutual exchange will not normally be considered in cases where one of the parties has rent arrears or there is evidence of any other significant breach of tenancy conditions.