Report Suspected Benefit or Council Tax Fraud

Reporting Housing Benefit Fraud

Investigations into Housing Benefit fraud are carried out by the Department for Work & Pensions. If you suspect someone of committing Housing Benefit fraud you can report this via the DWP website.  You can also contact them by telephone on 0800 854 440.  For customers who are hard of hearing, a textphone number is available 0800 328 6341.

Examples of benefit fraud

  • Working but not declaring it when claiming benefit
  • Claiming as a single person but living with a partner.
  • Claiming from an address but not living there.
  • Not declaring the full amount of income, savings or capital when claiming benefit.
  • Claiming when, for any reason, they have no right to claim Housing Benefit or DWP state benefits.

Reporting Council Tax Fraud

If you suspect someone is committing Council Tax Fraud, please follow the steps below giving as 'clear' and 'concise' information as possible:-

  • You should gather all the information you are aware of (for example: names, addresses, telephone numbers, employment details) and report the details or to a member of staff at one of our enquiry offices or via the Fraud Hotline on Freephone 0800 085 2289 or 01382 431253. 

Examples of benefit fraud

  • more than one adult in the property and claiming single person discount.
  • someone living in a property but claiming it is empty.
  • someone claiming Council Tax Reduction for a property they don't live in.

All suspected frauds are investigated, but please provide as much information as possible.

All information is treated in the strictest confidence.