Council Tax Reduction Scheme - Review / Further Review Information

If you disagree with our decision about your award for Council Tax Reduction, you can:

  • Ask for an explanation.
  • Ask us to look again at the decision.
  • Write to us requesting a review of the decision.


A request for review must be made within two months of the date the decision was made.

The request must be made in writing and must state the reasons why you think the Council Tax Reduction decision is wrong. We will consider your request and reply with our decision in writing within two months.

You can either complete an online Request for Review or visit one our enquiry offices.

Further review

If you do not agree with the review decision, then you can seek an independent ruling from the Local Taxation Chamber who will conduct a further review. A further review by the Local Taxation Chamber can only be requested after the council has carried out an internal review.

The only exception to this is if you do not receive a written response from us within two months of writing to us to ask for a review.

A request for a further review must be made within 42 days of the decision date of the first review.

Applications for further review must be made directly to the Local Taxation Chamber on the Local Taxation Chamber’s application form a copy of which can be found on their website at

You can email the Local Taxation Chamber :

Alternatively, you can phone the Local Taxation Chamber on 01698 390012 to request that an application be sent out to you. Completed applications should be sent to the Local Taxation Chamber, First Floor, Bothwell House, Hamilton Business Park, Caird Park, Hamilton, ML3 0QA.

The Local Taxation Chamber will consider the facts presented to them and will give an independent ruling as to whether the decision made by the council was correct or not.