West Ferry Conservation Area

The West Ferry Conservation Area is located in the south-east of Dundee over-looking the banks of the River Tay. The area of West Ferry originated during the early 1800’s due to the emergence of Broughty Ferry as a strong fishing community. In 1838 the Dundee to Arbroath railway line opened, allowing daily commuting from Broughty Ferry into Dundee. As Broughty Ferry grew in importance, so did its population and popularity as a tourist spot due to its beaches and town centre.

West Ferry sits high above the coastline, providing magnificent open views and panoramas of the River Tay and over to Fife. These views are visible from many of the individual mansions and villas that take full advantage of the areas rising topography, but also from many of the streets which sit at right angles to the Estuary. This area is in close proximity to the centre of Broughty Ferry in the east, Dawson Park is located to the north and Dundee Road, a primary transport corridor, to the south.

The Conservation Area is based around a Mid-Late Victorian suburb, which at the time, was one of the richest suburbs in Europe. The areas wealth came from Dundee’s numerous jute barons and merchants who built many large mansions with expansive garden grounds, within this suburb during the industrial revolution.

The boundary of the Conservation Area maintains the historic street pattern as well as the historic residential land use.  The area is characterised by residential properties located within large private gardens which are screened by high traditional stone boundary walls and large mature trees. The boundary screening contributes to the unique character of the area as it offers small glimpses of the wonderful residential properties whilst retaining a high level of privacy.

The West Ferry Conservation Area was designated in its current form on the 19th of August 1997. However since the conduction of West Ferry Conservation Area Appraisal a boundary extension has been proposed, the boundary north along Grove Road shall now be extended to include a further 13 properties. The extension contains a mixture of attractive properties that would positively contribute to the character and appearance of the West Ferry Conservation Area. The properties within the proposed extension also share many of the design features, materials and characteristics of properties within the West Ferry Conservation Area.

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