Beautiful Scotland Awards Announced

The Wright Sustainable Development Award is one of the discretionary awards, awarded to Local Authorities for the highest marks in Section B demonstrating excellent support and implementation of sustainable development initiatives.

Section B: The Judging Criteria for the Sustainable Development and Biodiversity is:

Sustainable initiatives to conserve energy, protect wildlife / flowers and habitats. Also promote green transport, cycling etc. Projects for schools and young people.  Initiatives for waste minimisation, recycling, re-use and composting.

Section B:  The Judges Comments, for Dundee, relating to this section of the Judging Criteria is:

The judges were particularly impressed by:

  • Underground recycling points
  • Use of recycled compost
  • Cycle initiative at Camperdown
  • The excellent Art nursery project encouraging children to explore their natural environment.

Areas suggested for future development:

  • Dundee are very strong in this area; it is difficult to make a suggestion that has not already been put in place.