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Rats are extremely adaptable and can readily prosper and thrive in virtually any environment, whether it is a city, town, village or rural area. No place can be considered immune from infestation.

Rat populations are always expanding and they can move into an area in an extremely short period of time, bringing with them array of problems such as parasites and other micro organisms which can cause food poisoning as well as other problems via their faeces and urine. They can cause untold problems to buildings and houses through damage to electrical wiring and plumbing and heating systems.

Climate change has not helped either. With warmer winters and longer summers, it is calculated that the rat population of the UK has increased by a third since 1998.

Our Pest Control Section can provide a thorough and professional inspection and treatment regime for any problems relating to rats. This includes taking into account the environment concerned and, for example, whether other domestic animals may be present. Also we only use approved materials and all baiting is either tamper proof or inaccessible to domestic pets.

For further information or advice, details on charges, and to arrange treatment, contact the Pest Control Section.

We also offer an emergency call out service during May to September, which can be arranged by calling 01382 434343.

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