Smoky vehicles

Image of bus emitting smokePassenger vehicles are required to meet emissions standards for exhausts; this now forms part of the annual MOT for cars aged three years or older.  Any vehicles that are obviously failing to meet a suitable standard should be reported to the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (formerly Vehicles & Operator Services Agency (VOSA)).

Should you spot an excessively smoky diesel lorry, bus or coach (HGV’s & PSV’s), you can report this by completing the online reporting form on the  Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency website.

You will need to tell them:

  • The type of vehicle (HGV or PSV)

  • The vehicle registration mark (registration number) of the smoky vehicle

  • The Company name on the vehicle

  • The location of where you saw the smoky vehicle

  • The date and time of when you sighted the smoky vehicle

  • Your email address


Tel: 01382 433710 Option 6