Emergency Planning

The main role of Dundee City Council's Emergency Planning Unit is to ensure that the City of Dundee can respond effectively to any major incident and recover from it as quickly as possible. The City Council has produced and maintains a Generic Emergency Plan that is designed to co-ordinate our response to any incident. This work is undertaken in conjunction with the emergency services and neighbouring Councils, through the Tayside Local Resilience Partnership (LRP).

The Council Generic Emergency Plan provides a generic framework for the response to all emergencies however; some additions are required to deal with specific hazards that are assessed as high risk, require specialist resources to deal with them or require staff to undergo specific training to carry out specific tasks.

Information that will help to prepare your family and your business for emergencies and get ready for winter can be found at the following links:

Information regarding the risks we face and how they are assessed can be found here:

For further details contact:

Steve Blythe
Email:  steve.blythe@dundeecity.gov.uk
Resilience Officer

Neighbourhood Services
West District Housing Office
3 Sinclair Street
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