Community Safety

Community Safety tends to mean different things to different people at different times of their lives and can vary considerably from locality to locality. The most commonly accepted definition states that community safety is about "protecting people's rights to live in confidence and without fear for their own and other people's safety" (COSLA).

Community Safety is therefore about being able to feel safe at home, at work, walking down the street or in other public places. It relates to individuals' quality of life and encourages individuals to seek the most favourable opportunities available to them, to enable them to live their lives safely, without fear of crime or disorder.

Dundee City Council and partners are committed to delivering the Dundee Community Safety Outcome Improvement Plan (CSOIP) 2017-2022 (415KB PDF)

Dundee Community Safety Team

Dundee Community Safety Team - we’re here to help !

The Community Safety Team supports the work of Dundee City Council and Dundee Community Safety Partnership to ensure:

“Our communities will be safe and feel safe”

The Team consists of the following groups:

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Community Safety Hub, West District Housing Office
3 Sinclair Street, Dundee DD2 3DA