Dog Fouling

Dundee City Council actively encourages dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their dog. We have in excess of 1300 dog waste bins which annually collects approximately 180 tonnes of dog waste. There should be no excuse in leaving dog mess on the streets, parks and beaches.

The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 came into force on 22nd October 2003. It created an offence for any person responsible for a dog, not to remove immediately and dispose of appropriately, any excrement after the dog has fouled. Dog owners must clean up after their dog has fouled any public open space. Open space includes pavements, footpaths, roads, parks, recreational pitches, cycle ways, communal land, communal back garden areas at tenement properties, backstairs, closes, and any open land that the public has access to. Any fouling should be picked up and disposed of in a responsible manner by depositing it in the nearest dog waste bin wherever possible or litter bin or domestic waste bin.

Amongst other duties, our Officers patrol and monitor the city to ensure compliance with the legislation. Anyone found failing to clean up after their dog will receive a Fixed Penalty of £80, rising to £100 if not paid within 28 days. Police Officers can also issue these penalties. It is also possible that some offenders be reported to the Procurator Fiscal with the potential of a fine up to £500.

'Green Dog Walkers' is a new scheme being introduced within Dundee, following great success at many other local authorities across the United Kingdom. 'Green Dog Walkers' is a non-confrontational, friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling in Dundee.

If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice and you wish to make a payment visit the payment section of this website.

If you have witnessed a dog fouling incident in your area within Dundee, please contact the Animal Control Section:

Tel: 01382 436285

If you are aware of a problem with a dog waste bin, or require the removal of dog fouling from the pavement within Dundee, please contact Environment:

Tel: 01382 433710 Option 5

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