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Slessor GardensThe main parkland area in the central waterfront is Slessor Gardens, 10,738sqm in size and designed to be a multi-functional space with capacity to host large events.

Pocket Gardens

A number of small plots are located to the east and west sides of the grassed area.

Eleven of these plots have been completed and contain a series of themed gardens with others to be developed at a future date.

Of the eleven themed gardens that are now in place:

  • One garden is reflective of the geography and setting of Dundee
  • Four gardens are themed to reflect Dundee's historic global connections: The Baltic States, Caribbean, Asia and the Americas
  • A further four reflect key local connections and industries: The Natural Sciences, Health, Food Production and Literature

With the exception of the V&A Community Garden, the delivery of all these gardens has been undertaken by Dundee City Council with the assistance of local volunteers from the Bonnie Dundee and Dundee Urban Orchard community groups.

Also present at Slessor Gardens is the Discovery Walk which celebrates the variety of people who have contributed to science and society in many important and exciting ways.