Gender pay gap

In 2021/2022, Dundee City Council’s gender pay gap was 1.12%, the Mean Gender Pay Gap this year 2022/202 is 0.33%.  This means that for every £1 that a male employee earns, a female employee would earn 99.67 pence.  The Scottish average for Local Authorities last year was 3.5% and therefore Dundee are likely to continue to be better than the Scottish average this year.  Dundee City Council last year were 7th lowest out of 32 Councils across Scotland and are well within the 2% target for this KPI.  Over the last two years the council have been working on the following outcomes which all contributed to the improvement in the gender pay gap this year:

  • equality and diversity training will be in place for senior leaders.
  • achieve recognition for having a Trauma Informed workforce.
  • revised data definitions for recording equality data for our employees will be implemented having engaged with employees and TUs.
  • leadership and development opportunities will be promoted for our workforce.
  • engage with our workforce to develop career progression and promotion in the Council
  • revised recruitment and selection of young people will be in place.
  • attract candidates from protected characteristics through employability opportunities.
  • achieve digital inclusion across the workforce.
  • understand racism and barriers to promotion and development in the Council by engaging with our employees and service users.
  • our recruitment practice will reflect the Scottish Government's toolkit.
  • monitor applicants for job opportunities and take appropriate actions.
  • take action to address any issues identified by the published gender, disability and ethnicity pay gaps.

 More general information may be obtained on the Corporate Services section of this website.