New Primary Joins School Streets Scheme

New Primary Joins School Streets Scheme Image

A new primary will join Dundee’s network of School Streets exclusion zones next week. 

St Ninian’s Primary will be covered by the scheme from Monday (Feb 12), when restrictions will come into place on vehicles entering the zone at school drop off & pick up times. Only residents and school transport with permits will be allowed. 

The initiative is designed to discourage driving to and from schools and to encourage more active forms of travel. 

School Streets also aims to improve road safety for children getting to and from school, cut down on harmful emissions and reduce congestion. 

Fair Work, Economic Growth and Infrastructure Convener Cllr Steven Rome said: “These exclusion zones are designed to improve safety for children and to cut down on traffic problems that also impact local residents. 

“We want to encourage more and more families and children to take active travel choices to get to and from school – whether that is walking, cycling or by scooter. 

“The council is also working to cut down harmful emissions near schools, and the safer streets initiative also contributes to our wider climate change response.” 

Vehicles will not be able to drive in or out of the restricting zones when the scheme is in operation. Only residents and contracted school transport with issued permits will be exempt from the scheme. School Streets will only be in operation during school term times between 8.30am - 9.15am & 3.00pm - 3.30pm. 

A free permit for display on windscreens to identify residents’ vehicles is available from Dundee City Council. Full details on the School Streets scheme are available here

 Schools already taking part in the initiative are: 

  • Fintry Primary School
  • North East Campus (Longhaugh Primary School, St Francis RC Primary School & Quarryview Nursery)
  • Coldside Campus (Rosebank Primary School, Our Lady’s RC Primary School & Frances Wright Nursery)
  • St Andrews RC Primary School
  • Downfield Primary School
  • Craigiebarns Primary School
  • St Mary's RC Primary School
  • Forthill Primary School
  • Eastern Primary School
  • Mill O’ Mains Primary School
  • Clepington Primary School
  • St. Pius RC Primary School 

Meanwhile, active travel route improvements will continue to be developed at Dundee’s eight secondary schools as part of School Travel Plans.

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