Dixie the Dog Helps in Drive to Stub Out Illegal Tobacco

Dixie the Dog Helps in Drive to Stub Out Illegal Tobacco Image

Dundee City Council Trading Standards officers, in a joint operation with Police Scotland, have targeted a number of licensed and retail premises and confiscated potentially dangerous cigarettes and tobacco.

With the assistance of Dixie the tobacco detection dog from Consumer Protection Dogs UK, the recent operation recovered 1380 cigarettes and 1 kg of hand rolling tobacco.

The action was carried out as part of the council’s ongoing campaign to rid the city of counterfeit cigarettes.

There is no duty paid on the items and some sellers are unregistered which means they may also be sold without regard to age restrictions.

It is also highly unlikely that illegal cigarettes conform to strict safety standards, and can pose a fire risk as they are not self-extinguishing.

The council’s trading standard officers work with Police Scotland to tackle the illegal tobacco trade in the city and operations use sniffer dogs to track down the fake products

Councillor Alan Ross, community safety and public protection convener, explained:  “This latest haul is another successful outcome in our fight against the availability of illegal tobacco.

“This illicit trade supply chain has been linked to organised crime and criminal gangs who support other criminal activity such as drug dealing, money laundering and people trafficking which is why it is vital that we stamp down heavily on it.

“These products have a low price tag, but the true cost to people and the community is high.”

“We urge everyone to report any suspected sales of potentially dangerous cigarette and tobacco products so we can catch the criminals involved.

Trading Standards Manager Raymond Lynch, said: “Smoking is key public health issue and we are campaigning to reduce it to protect people from devastating smoking-related illnesses.

“This is why it is so important cheap illegal tobacco which encourages people to start smoking and discourages current smokers from quitting is not available.

“Any information relating to the sale of illicit cigarettes locally should be reported to Trading Standards on 03454 04 05 06. Why not save this number in your mobile phone in case you have other queries about goods and services you have purchased.”


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