A-Z Recycling Guide

We understand it can be a little confusing knowing which items can or cannot be recycled, what you should do with them or which bin to use. To help make things easier, we’ve put together an A-Z guide for residents that provides guidance on what to do when disposing of items.​

Recycling if you live in a flat or tenement

Bring Sites have been provided to make it easier for residents living in flats and tenements in Dundee to recycle. Please be considerate of others when using these facilities.

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Recycling points across the city

Recycling points are smaller in scale and have a more limited number of bins than Recycling Centres. However, they are sited in locations throughout Dundee.

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What can and cannot go in your bins

Grey (General Waste) Blue (Paper & Cardboard) Burgundy (Metals, plastics, cartons) Green Caddies (Food Waste) Brown (Garden Waste)

Recycle for Dundee

Click on a letter or use the category filter to search for your item.

Item Category Guidance More Info
Foil (Aluminium) Storage & Packaging
  • Place clean foil in Burgundy recycling bin.
  • Food contaminated foil should be placed in Grey general waste bin.
Food Waste Food & Drink

Place the following in the Green food caddy or communal food waste bin:

  • All uneaten food and plate scrappings.
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds.
  • Out of date or mouldy food.
  • Raw & cooked meat (including bones).
  • Raw and cooked fish (including bones).
  • Dairy products (cheese).
  • Eggs and egg shells.
  • Rice, pasta, beans.
  • Baked goods such as breads, cakes and pastries.
  • Fruit and vegetables including raw and cooked vegetable peelings.

No liquids please.

Fridges & Freezers Electrical
Furniture (Settees, wardrobes bookshelves) Furnishings
Gas Canisters (Households only) Special / Hazardous
  • Return to your original supplier for reuse or recycling.

DO NOT dispose of gas canisters:

  • in grey general waste bins.
  • in any recycling bins.
  • at any recycling points.
  • in waste skips.
  • Incorrect disposal of gas canisters is dangerous and can lead to injury or harm if it remains undetected throughout the waste treatment process.
Glass Panes (broken windows etc) DIY & Home
Grass cuttings Garden / Organics


Greetings Cards Stationery, Arts & Craft
Hairspray Health & Beauty
  • Ensure aerosol is empty, please do not crush.
  • Place in Burgundy Recycling Bin
Hand Sanitiser (Unused/expired) Special / Hazardous
  • Hand sanitiser liquids/gels are classed as hazardous waste.
  • These liquids are not accepted at the Riverside or Baldovie household waste recycling centres.
  • Householders with small quantities can dispose of this waste via their grey general waste bin.
  • Householders or businesses with larger quantities (i.e. litres) should contact the manufacturer of the hand sanitiser product for guidance on safe disposal.  Alternatively,  for larger quantities please contact companies specialising in the safe disposal of chemical wastes.