Gàidhlig / Gaelic

Gaelic Language Plan front cover

Brot is a' Oran
Soup 'n' Song

With the support of Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Dundee Festival Trust, there is a great programme of Gaelic Lunchtime Concerts in the Marryat Hall over the next few months as an introduction to Gaelic Music and Song.

Plana Gàidhlig
Gaelic Language Plan

Tha Plana Gàidhlig aig Comhairle Baile Dhùn Dè a tha a' mìneachadh mar a leasaicheas  sinn ar taic don Ghàidhlig. Tha a' Chomhairle dealasach a thaobh spèis co-ionann a nochdadh don Ghàidhlig.

Dundee City Council has a Gaelic Language Plan which sets out how we will develop our support for Gaelic. The Council is committed to giving equal respect to the Gaelic language.

Plana Gàidhlig Comhairle Baile Dhùn Dè (892KB PDF)
Dundee City Council's Gaelic Language Plan (855KB PDF)

To hear sound recording of Gaelic words, please go to: http://www.learngaelic.scot/dictionary/index.jsp

Interested in watching Gaelic speaking programmes, please go to: http://www.learngaelic.scot/watch/index.jsp

Ceanglaichean Gu Buidhnean Nàiseanta
Links to National Organisations

Gaelic Language Plan front cover - English versionFaic gu h-ìosal airson ceanglaichean gu buidhnean nàiseanta le ùidh ann an Gàidhlig:

See below for links to national organisations concerned with Gaelic:

Bòrd na Gàidhlig
Comunn na Gàidhlig
An Comunn Gàidhealach
BBC Alba

Buidhnean Ionadail
Local Organisations

Tha àireamh de bhuidhnean ionadail le ùidh dhealasach ann an Gàidhlig:

There are a number of local organisations with a keen interest in Gaelic:

Comann Gàidhealach Dhùn Dè / Dundee Highland Society
Comann Ciùil Gàidhlig Dhùn Dè - Dundee Gaelic Music Association

10 Puingean mun Ghàidhlig
10 Facts about Gaelic

Beagan Fhacail Is Abairtean Cumanta
A Few Everyday Words And Phrases

Gaelic Phonetic English
Fàilte Faaltshe Welcome
Madainn mhath Matin vah Good morning
Latha math Laah mah Good day
Oidhche mhath Oychae vah Good night
Gabh mo leisgeul Gav mo leshkael Excuse me
Tha mi duilich Haa mee doolich I am sorry
Tapadh leibh Tahpah leuiv Thank you
'S e ur beatha Shay oor behah You're welcome
Ciamar a tha thus / sibh Keemar u haa us oo How are you? (addressing one person informally)
Ciamar a tha sibh Keemar u haa sheev How are you? (addressing more than one person, or one person formally)
Tha gu math Haa goo mah Very well
Chan eil dona Chan yeyll donnae Not bad
Tha mi sgìth Haa mee skee I'm tired
Glè mhath Glay vaa Very good

Gaelic classes are currently available in Dundee through: