Chief Executive's Services

Andrea Calder
Head of Chief Executive's Services

The teams within the Chief Executive’s work to add value to services across the Council, by developing a corporate and customer focus and supporting services to achieve local and national policy priorities. We encourage learning and promote best practice, working with services to cultivate a positive and innovative culture to ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of all our services as well as co-ordinating joint working between services and partners.

The key activities that are undertaken within the Chief Executive’s Service are split across three teams:

See the Dundee Performs page for more about the Single Outcome Agreement, Council Plan, Departmental Service Plans and performance reports.

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Other Services

The Chief Executive’s service is also responsible for a number of other functions.  These include:

  • ensuring the Council has policies, procedures and systems for managing and learning from complaints, and reporting to Committee on these
  • carrying out policy research and drafting briefings and reports for the Chief Executive and elected members
  • ensuring arrangements are in place for the training and development of elected members, including induction, continuing professional development and regular briefings on policy issues
  • drafting of responses to consultation documents, Bills etc where this requires collation of comments from across the Council
  • providing support to corporate working groups and reviews
  • promoting and assisting with applications for external awards
  • delivering the Council's commitments in specific policy areas such as the Armed Forces Community Covenant, the UNESCO City of Design, the Gaelic Language Plan and Fair Trade

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