Scrap Metal

Recycled via: 

Your scrap metal is collected from the HWRCs and taken to a scrap metal recycler.

  • It is sorted into different types and grades (ferrous and non-ferrous).
  • Metals will then be sent to a steel mill where it will be shredded, and melted.  
  • Metals are purified using different methods. Purification of metals is done to ensure that the final product is free of impurities and that it is of high quality. 
  • After the purification process, the molten metal is then carried by the conveyor belt to a cooling chamber where it is cooled and solidified. It is at this stage that the scrap metal is made into a solid metal that can be used again. Other chemicals are then added into the molten metal to make it acquire its density and other properties.

Did you know? 

  • The word metal derives from the Greek word “metallon,” which means to extract from the earth. This relates to the practice of recovering metals. Today, metal can be recycled and reused again and again, without as much of a need to extract it from the earth.
  • Manufacturers have been making use of scrap metal as an excellent cost-effective alternative to new metals since at least 700 BC. Re-forging metal is most likely the world’s oldest recycling practice!

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