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Trade and commercial waste is the responsibility of the trader or commercial operator producing the waste and cannot be deposited at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC).  To help to control this, we have introduced height barriers and a household waste tip permit scheme.

Residents are entitled to reasonably use vans / trailers to bring their material to the sites however this will require a permit.  

Household Waste Tip Permit

No commercial vans are entitled to use the sites.  All commercial vans are instructed to use either:

  • General Waste and Recycling - There are a number of waste collection and disposal companies operating within Dundee. Details of all national waste sites in Scotland are provided on the SEPA website.
  • Green Waste Only - Riverside Composting site, Wright Avenue Dundee, DD2 1UR and report to the weighbridge.

Residents have to register their non commercial van / pick up / minibus or vehicle with single axle trailer prior to visiting any HWRC to obtain a permit.   Permits are free to householders wishing to dispose of small quantities of bulky household waste, or to access reuse and recycling facilities. Permits are valid for 12 visits.

If a resident has hired the van; they will be requested to provide proof of hire.

If the vehicle being used has a company logo an authorisation letter is required from the company allowing private use for transporting of household waste.  In order to ensure that this public service is not detrimentally affected by being used by traders, we are entitled to enquire about the source of any waste which appears to be commercial.

Do I need a permit?
Vehicles that don’t require a permit

  • car, estate car, people carrier;
  • MPV;
  • 4x4.

 Vehicles that do require a permit

  • van;
  • pick-up;
  • car, van or pick-up with single axle trailer;
  • mini-bus (8-11 seats).

 Vehicles not allowed on site

  • commercial vans;
  • a vehicle over 3500kg gross weight;
  • a tipper;
  • a vehicle with a twin axle trailer;
  • a vehicle with more than 4 wheels;
  • a vehicle or pedestrian carrying commercial waste.

The site attendants reserve the right to refuse access to the site if it is suspected that the waste is commercial in origin (issue of a permit does not give automatic right to tip).  No trade waste is allowed at any of Dundee City Council’s Household Waste and Recycling Centres.  Only domestic waste from your own property is allowed.

Recycling Centre staff are issued with body cameras and the use of DVLA WEE system and CCTV are in operation at these sites. Information collected will be used for monitoring access to the sites, and it may be shared with other organisations for the purpose of investigating breaches of waste regulations and the prevention and detection of crime. Dundee City Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel the issue of permits if provided with false or misleading information.

Apply for a permit
Complete and return a permit scheme application form (182KB PDF)  with photocopies of your supporting documents. Email:

Permits are valid for 12 visits only. Please see application form for full conditions of use.

If your permit has expired or you are required to update your vehicle or address details, please complete a new application.

More information
Please see our information leaflet (381KB PDF)
Please see our procedure for checking for trade waste (227KB PDF)
Please see the HWRC inter-authority waste arrangements FAQs