Domestic Waste

The team respond to complaints relating to poor storage and presentation of waste as well as pro-actively monitoring areas where complaints are highest. Residents have a responsibility to store and present their waste in the receptacle provided and ensure that no loose waste is left at recess area or at kerbside to ensure vermin and the elements do not interfere.

Below is a guide based on your collection system;

Wheelie bins:

All waste must be securely bagged and placed into the wheelie bin allocated to your property.  It must be presented at kerbside no earlier than 07:30 on your collection day  

Bins must be removed from kerbside by 07:30 the following day.

Waste bin:

Please note Dundee City Council do not supply this bin type and it is the responsibility of property owner/landlord to supply these. Waste must be securely bagged and placed into your own waste bin and secured with lid. Bin crews will collect bags from the bin direct so there is no requirement for residents to present waste anywhere other than in the bin.

Street bin/Euro bin:

Residents on this collection method must securely bag all waste and place into the bin allocated for your tenement. Please ensure the lid is closed/locked where possible after use.

Please also remember to recycle as much of your household waste as possible. Further information on this can be found at recycling  

Furniture which is deposited at the rear area of communal properties will be dealt with as fly-tipping. 

Failure to store and present waste in relation to environmental regulation can lead to prosecution under The Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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