Ukraine invasion

Dundee is helping people affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

Scheme Open for Displaced Ukrainians:

Like all Scottish Local authorities, Dundee City Council are working closely with both the UK and Scottish Governments to support those displaced by events in Ukraine.

It can be confusing trying to navigate the different schemes which are in operation so the following information is designed to assist anyone who may be seeking to welcome someone from Ukraine to Dundee:
If you are bringing relatives to the UK under the Family Visa Scheme, we would direct you to the UK Government information on this scheme.

The UK Government is responsible for this scheme and the Council does not have a role to plan in it unless your arriving family members will have nowhere to stay when they arrive. In this scenario you should contact the Council’s Housing Options Service (Tel 0800 633 5843 or where Council staff will be able to advise and assist.
If you are taking part on the Homes for Ukraine community sponsorship scheme, we are now receiving information from the Scottish Government to allow us to undertake some necessary checks to allow us to progress your offer of accommodation.

The following is the latest Scottish Government guidance which may provide answers to any initial questions that you have regarding the Homes for Ukraine scheme. - Homes for Ukraine Scheme: frequently asked questions - questions and answers on how the Ukraine scheme will work.

We will regularly review and update our website information on support for those displaced from Ukraine.

Please refer to this information in the first instance if you have any queries. 

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