Council Tax Reduction Scheme

You may be able to get help with paying your Council Tax. Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a Government scheme to help those on low incomes.


Check if you may have entitlement to Council Tax Reduction or other benefits.

Check what you are entitled to

If you think you may be entitled to Council Tax reduction, you should claim as soon as possible. You can apply for Council Tax Reduction or report a change of circumstances on our online forms page.  You can also apply by calling our Customer Services team on 01382 431205.

How it is paid

We will apply any Council Tax Reduction directly to your Council Tax account and you will receive a bill showing any amount you have to pay after any reduction has been awarded.

Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate is an award which is made to those who are liable for Council Tax for the property they live in who also have a second adult in the property who is on a low income.

If you are unsure which of these options apply to you, you can contact us to discuss.  If you complete the Council Tax Reduction application, an automatic "better buy" calculation will be done to award the highest of the two options if relevant to your circumstances. Only one of the options can be awarded.

Households that receive 100% Council Tax Reduction (CTR) due to their financial circumstances, and therefore do not pay any Council Tax, are still required to pay water and waste water charges for the services they have.  

Homes that receive CTR may also receive a reduction of up to 35% on their water and waste water charges through the Water Charges Reduction Scheme (WCRS).  Customers do not need to apply for the WCRS, your local authority will automatically apply any reduction to your charges.

If we've asked you to provide documents and/or information to support a claim you can supply this information using our online evidence upload form.

Reviewing a decision

You can ask us to review our decision about your claim for a Council Tax reduction if you disagree with our decision.

For further guidance  on Council Tax Reduction please visit The Scottish Government website.