West End Lanes Conservation Area

The West End Lanes Conservation Area is based on the 1984 Perth Road Lanes and 1971 Magdalen Place Conservation Areas, with minor additions. The proposed new area provides a better-defined boundary, contained by Fort Street, Hawkhill and Perth Road, the railway line at Magdalen Green and Roseangle.

South of Perth Road the streets, lanes and paths, which run downhill towards Magdalen Green, are densely built-up. They separate the bustle of Perth Road from the tranquillity of the Green, but within this seemingly homogenous area there is a diversity of townscape. In the lanes are tenements and houses, are remnants of industrial buildings, and pockets of modern housing. Boundary walls and railings defining the spaces, and road surfaces, gardens and street furniture (red telephone boxes) are all important.

To the north west corner of the Green, the grand mid-century classical terraces of Windsor Street and Richmond Terrace are complimented by the larger villas and tenements along Magdalen Yard Road and in Magdalen Place, all with river views. The earlier houses in Roseangle have gardens to the historic sea wall, through there is a substantial density of intrusive infill. In between are the former rope works and Blind Institution. The cast-iron bandstand closes vistas and is the main focus of Magdalen Green. The area will include the approaches to the Tay Bridge, one of Scotland's greatest industrial monuments. Skyline interest is provided by the tower of Seafield Works (now housing) and the steeples of Victorian Churches along Perth Road.

The upper part of the area is defined by the traditional-scale shops and housing-blocks in Perth Road and in the short lanes leading towards Hawkhill. These buildings provide a district shopping centre between the suburbs and the University area. The historic St Peter's Church, the contemporary grey and pink Pennycook Lane housing and Blackness Primary School all provide townscape landmarks. On the north side the area runs from the Sinderins "gusset" block to Miller's Wynd, where the townscape
changes to University buildings. The school marks the corner of the conservation area at Hawkhill. On the south side the area is defined by Fort Street, as the last "lane", and Roseangle.

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