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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is responsible for running Scotland's flood warning system and through its Floodline service issues alerts for areas at risk from river and/or coastal flooding as weather conditions dictate.  Comprehensive information is available on SEPA's website, including current flood alerts, how to prepare for and deal with a flood and answers to many frequently asked questions relating to flooding.  Property owners can also register to have flood warnings sent directly to their phone.  For additional flooding advice Property owners and community groups can also contact the Scottish Flood Forum on 01698 839021.

Flooding may also occur when drainage systems are overwhelmed during extreme rainfall events.

Scottish Water is responsible for dealing with the immediate impact of flooding from sewers.  Contact 0800 0778 778  www.scottishwater.co.uk

Dundee City Council is responsible for surface water drainage systems associated with the adopted road and footway networks, and for carrying out clearance and repair works to a relevant body of water where they would substantially reduce the risk of flooding.

Whilst owners have the primary responsibility for protecting their property from flooding, Dundee City Council provides the following assistance during flood events:-

  • provide advice on flooding related issues
  • offer sandbags for flood prevention in case of an emergency and subject to prioritisation
  • work with emergency services in response to severe flooding
  • co-ordinate shelter for people evacuated from house
  • provide inspection and assessment following a flood event

Further information can be found in the Dundee City Council Flooding Advisory Note.

For further information on Flooding please contact the City Development Department on 01382 434000, or 01382 434343 for Flooding Emergencies outwith office hours.

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 requires the relevant responsible authorities to work together to produce a co-ordinated "Local Flood Risk Management Plan" to reduce the overall risk of flooding from whatever source. Consequently, Dundee City Council work in partnership with Scottish Ministers, SEPA, Scottish Water, Angus Council, Perth and Kinross Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Fife Council to produce a "Local Flood Risk Management Plan" covering the Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Plan District.  The Plan is published in six year cycles which started in 2016, with the main aim being to determine a pre-emptive, rather than reactive, approach to flooding. As lead local authority for the partnership, Angus Council is responsible for publishing the agreed Plan for the Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Plan District.

Cycle 1 (2016-2022)

The Cycle 1 "Local Flood Risk Management Plan" can be accessed here.  As required by the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, an Interim Report on the Cycle 1Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Flood Risk Management Plan has also been prepared by Angus Council and shows the progress made in delivering the actions to avoid and reduce the risk of flooding, and prepare and protect ourselves and our communities across the local plan district. View the Cycle 1 Interim Report here.

Cycle 2 (2022-2028)

The cycle 2 Local Flood Risk Management Plan for the Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Plan District is currently being prepared.  A consultation is currently being run jointly between the relevant responsible authorities and involves the publication of draft information that will be contained in the next Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin "Local Flood Risk Management Plan".

The consultation is being carried out in 2 phases:

Phase 1 commenced on 21 December 2020 and initially provided a draft summary of the main sources and impacts of flooding.

Phase 2 commenced on 30 July 2021 when the proposed objectives and potential actions to manage the identified flood risk were added.

View the video developed by SEPA about this consultation.

You can respond to the public consultation by answering a series of questions and making comments via the national Citizen Space website.

The consultation also covers the more strategic "Flood Risk Management Plans" to be published by SEPA and involves the publication of draft information that will be contained in these Plans.

The consultation will close on 31 October 2021.

By responding to the consultation, you can have your say on how flood risk is managed in Scotland in the future and will help tailor future action on flood risk to meet the needs of individual communities.

A flood protection scheme is currently proposed for the shoreline at Broughty Ferry - further details are available on the Broughty Ferry Flood Protection Scheme area of this website.