Percentage of Primary 1 Children Classified as Obese or Overweight

  • 1293 children in Dundee were weighed and measured (88.7% coverage) in 2020/21 
  • 26.6% of children measured  had a BMI >85th centile (overweight or obesity combined) - using epidemiological thresholds, which we report for population level data.  This is higher than the Scottish average of 24.1%.
  • The data for this year represents a 1.8% increase from last available recorded data for Dundee in 2018/19 when 24.8% had a BMI >85th centile  
  • Scottish data is available for 2019/20 which indicated  a Scottish average of 29.5% of children measured  had a BMI >85th centile (overweight or obesity combined). Based on this national  data there has been a  downward trend in  prevalence of overweight and obesity following a peak during the COVID  pandemic  
  • There remains a marked inequality in obesity risk for children growing up in our most deprived communities.