Air Quality Action Plan consultation

Air Quality Action Plan consultation Image

Residents are being urged to take part in a consultation on the draft version of Dundee’s 2024 Air Quality Action Plan.

The Plan contains actions that the Council aims to deliver between 2024 and 2029 in order to maintain air pollutant concentrations below current air quality objectives and, where practicable, to reduce emissions further to protect health across the city.

The draft Air Quality Action Plan has actions considered under ten broad topics, including areas such as promoting travel alternatives, public information, and traffic management.

Climate, Environment & Biodiversity Convener Cllr Heather Anderson said: “Policy guidance from the Scottish Government for all local authorities means the city’s 2011 Air Quality Action Plan should be reviewed, presenting the opportunity to include the impact of Dundee’s Low Emission Zone as well as other measures.

“A lot has been achieved through the implementation of the Action Plan from 2011, however it is important to update this for various reasons and we are encouraging members of the public to share their thoughts on what is included in this comprehensive draft Plan.”

Fair Work, Economic Growth & Infrastructure Convener Cllr Steven Rome said: “We’ve recently had the positive news that Dundee’s 2023 nitrogen dioxide concentration levels were again compliant, and the analysis for Particulate Matter 10 and Particulate Matter 2.5 showed a reduction on 2022 levels. This shows that actions work and are benefiting local people’s health.

“This significant review will carry the momentum forward further and update the work needed to continue to deliver in a Dundee-specific context.”

The draft Dundee Air Quality Action Plan consultation will run until Friday 2nd August with views being sought on the Action Plan as a whole and the proposed actions within.

The public consultation can be accessed through the Dundee City Council website.

Following the consultation, responses will be analysed and used to form the finalised Air Quality Action Plan for the city. The amended report will be put to City Councillors to approve before submission to the Scottish Government.

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