Council Using Data to Improve Services

Council Using Data to Improve Services Image

Data which is being used to help improve Dundee City Council’s performance will be outlined to councillors on Monday (June 10).

The City Governance committee will consider analysis of the Local Government Benchmarking Framework Performance Indicators for 2022-23.

In the report, measures covering council service areas are detailed and compared with similar councils across Scotland, based on factors like deprivation and urban density.

Councillors will be told that the report focuses on data from the Improvement Service most aligned with the priorities set out on the Council Plan 2022-27.

These are:

  • Reduce child poverty and inequalities in incomes, education, and health
  • Deliver Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Tackle Climate Change and reach Net Zero emissions by 2045
  • Build Resilient and Empowered Communities
  • Design a Modern Council

Committee convener and council leader Councillor John Alexander said: “This national data is important to help the council analyse where we have done well and could do better.

“While there are improvements across many of the areas of our services, we are certainly not complacent and understand there are aspects of our performance that need to be enhanced.

“This report shows the range of council services covering all aspects of people’s lives and where we are intervening to make a difference."

Areas where the city council is performing above its benchmark include:

  • Proportion of Scottish Welfare Fund budget spent
  • Percentage of council dwellings meeting Scottish Housing standards
  • CO2 Emissions

Areas the council needs further focus on include:

  • Percentage of total household waste that is recycled
  • Percentage of pupils living in the 20% most deprived areas gaining 5+ awards at level 6

Cllr Alexander added: “This report helps us to shape services for the future and also restates our commitment to continuous improvement.

“We have recently agreed a recovery plan for council house repairs in response to performance reporting which highlighted the percentage of rents lost to voids. This demonstrates how we use data like this to make practical changes.

“We also make all of the statistics available to the public so that people can see how the council is performing for themselves.”

Information about benchmarking data can be found on the Dundee Performs webpages here

Last year, a report by the Accounts Commission highlighted that Dundee City Council has “... clear and focused improvement targets based on council priorities and clear and balanced reporting of performance with easily accessible reports on its website.

“The assessments cover the whole of the council and provide an overall view of strengths and weaknesses.”

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