Take Pride in City Sports Pitches

Take Pride in City Sports Pitches Image

Dundee City Council has teamed up with local sports clubs to keep pitches free of litter as part of the city’s ongoing Take Pride in Your City campaign.

Litter can often be left after matches or discarded by park users becoming a blight on sports pitches and requires to be cleaned before anyone can enjoy using the facility.

The new collaborative effort aims to reduce litter created by sports pitch users, spectators and park users by encouraging everyone to bin their litter or take it home with them.

Climate, Environment & Biodiversity Convener Cllr Heather Anderson said: “The issue of discarded litter on our pitches can be easily avoided if we collectively take the step of disposing of our waste responsibly.

“Everyone can do their bit by binning their litter or taking it home to help ensure Dundee’s pitches are clean and tidy for people of all ages to enjoy.

“The Council is installing additional bins, where appropriate, and together with our local sports clubs we will be proactive in getting the message across to keep the city’s pitches litter free.

“It’s great to see many Sports Clubs getting involved and I’m sure this will help to drive the impetus to get Dundee’s many pitch users throughout the city to follow suit and get behind the initiative as well.”

This latest project is part of Dundee’s wider Take Pride in Your City campaign which aims to make a difference to Dundee’s neighbourhoods, parks and open spaces.

Many initiatives take place under the Take Pride umbrella, including the regular Community Clean-Ups and community litter picks.

Members of the public can get involved directly by organising their own litter pick, becoming a green dog walker or joining a local ‘Friends of’ or community group.

More information about Take Pride in Your City is available on the Dundee City Council website.

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