Move to Improve Young People's Positive Destinations

Move to Improve Young People

A new drive could be set to take place to get more young Dundonians into positive destinations and improve their employability skills after they leave school. 

The City Governance Committee will consider a new plan which is designed to improve the participation of local 16-19 year-olds in education, employment or training. 

A report explains that efforts are to be made to enhance the city’s position in the National Annual Participation Measure, which assesses positive destinations achieved by that age group after they leave school. 

A multi-agency group was established to look at the local situation and come up with solutions. 

Councillors will consider the report A Step Change on Positive Destinations for Young Dundonianswhich proposes a way forward. 

This includes a proposal to nominate a senior leader within each Secondary School to lead a multi-agency group and be responsible for ensuring that all 16–19 year-old young people in the school’s community achieve a positive destination. 

City Governance convener Councillor John Alexander said: “It is absolutely vital for the future of these young people and the city itself that we help many more of them into positive destinations after they leave school. 

“A specially convened group has been analysing the situation and I am determined that we show a laser-focused approach to turn this around. 

Our young people deserve as much support as possible and I am impressed by how partners are coming together to improve prospects for young people needing support and encouragement.”  

A Step Change on Positive Destinations for Young Dundonians identifies six key themes to improve Dundee’s performance. Each theme has a young person’s expectation’ to focus the direction of the changes needed and subsequent actions. 

These are: 

1:  Early Identification and Positive Destination Framework  

 Young Person’s Expectation:  my needs are identified in primary school and all partner organisations must work together to support my progression and planning for my post school future.  

 2:  Responsibility for Tracking and Monitoring Young People Post School  

 Young Person’s Expectation:  my post school progress is monitored jointly by all partner organisations, until I enter and maintain a positive destinationI am supported throughout by a single person who is accountable for my ongoing development.  

 3:  Integrated Approach to DATA and Funding to Inform and Drive Coordination  

 Young Person’s Expectation:  all partner organisations will have a shared knowledge of my needs and find solutions to remove barriers through an integrated approach to data and funding.  

 4:  Post School Opportunities  

 Young Persons Expectation:  I will choose the correct post school opportunity at the right time with guidance at key stages and will be supported to make the right decision throughout my post school journey.  

5:  Engaging Communities and Families   

Young Person’s Expectation:  Believe in meWe will create a culture within the city, its families and communities which expects that every young person can fulfil their true potential.  

 6:  Additional Support Needs – A Key Challenge  

Young Person’s Expectation:  my Additional Support Needs will be met through improved opportunities and support, and by the development of new transition approaches. 

The City Governance Committee meets on Monday April 22. 

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