All Dundee Schools Visit V&A Dundee in 2023

All Dundee Schools Visit V&A Dundee in 2023 Image

This year every school in Dundee has visited the city’s iconic museum.

All schools have visited V&A Dundee and have gone on guided tours of the exhibitions, attended workshops, attended the Higher Art and Design Conference, held a ‘Trashion Show’, and studied the STEM links the building has to offer.

In addition, 15 nurseries have enjoyed the ‘Get Set Yeti’ tours, specifically designed for early years children.

Children, Families and Communities Convener Stewart Hunter said: “It’s great that all schools in the city have been able to visit V&A Dundee and learn more about design and culture.

“I’m delighted to see the variety of things on offer to our young people at the design museum, from working with the learning team in preparation for exams, to pupils from Kingspark School attending sensory based workshops.

“It’s great all our schools and V&A Dundee have been able to come together in this way.”

Dundee City Council’s Culture, History and Sports Spokesperson Councillor Lynne Short added: “It’s great to see young people getting involved and experiencing some of the rich culture that the museum has on offer.

“There really is so much for them to learn from these experiences and it’s great to see some of the different things they’ve been getting up to from holding a ‘Trashion Show’ where they showcased sustainable fashion designs, to nursery pupils curating their own Tartan Exhibition.

“It shows no matter the age, you can experience so many different things at V&A Dundee.”

V&A Dundee’s Schools Development Officer, Gary Jamieson said, "It’s great to see teachers using V&A Dundee as a learning provocation. There is so much within V&A Dundee’s exhibitions that links directly to the curriculum and allows for opportunities to enhance innovation and creativity back in the classroom.

“I hope that all the young people who have visited this year have left with a design story that will inspire them to think differently and become our next generation of creative problem solvers."

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