EV charging tariff changes

EV charging tariff changes Image

IN THE FACE of continued instability in the fuel market, tariffs for charging electric vehicles in Dundee are set to change next month.

From April 1 the two rates which reflect the need to balance availability between fast and rapid chargers, and to accommodate the higher cost of providing rapid chargers, will both increase by 5p per Kwh. Connection and overstay charges will remain unchanged.

The new tariff rates will be 30p per Kwh for fast chargers (up to 22kW) and 35p per kWh for rapid chargers (up to 43kW AC or 50kW DC). Ultra-rapid chargers (100kW or 150Kw) will be priced at 40p per Kwh.

When charges were introduced in the city in 2019, it was agreed that the residents’ discounted tariff would move to a cost recovery rate when Scottish Government subsidies ended and also on April 1 the Dundee residents’ discounted tariff will end.

EV users registered in the city will be notified of the new tariffs (above) which will now apply to them.

Dundee is recognised world-wide as a leading city in the introduction and support of electric vehicles and the council fleet runs to almost 190 EVs (the most of any UK local authority).

Charging infrastructure in the city has continued to grow since it was first introduced in 2011 and there are now 313 charging points.

The cost of charging was last revised in November 2022.

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