Concern at rising Covid-19 cases

Concern at rising Covid-19 cases Image

The leader of Dundee City Council today expressed concern at growing numbers of Covid-19 cases in the city, saying everyone must continue to play their part in reducing the spread of infection.

Latest figures for Dundee City show there were 665 cases per 100,000 people over the past seven days. Admissions to Ninewells Hospital in the city are also on the rise, including a number of patients seriously ill in intensive care after contracting Coronavirus.

Administration leader Councillor John Alexander said: “While our rates of infection in Dundee are currently lower than the Scottish average, the fast-growing number of cases is a cause for concern.

“The pandemic is far from over – in the last week alone, just short of 1000 people here in this city caught Coronavirus – so we must all keep following the guidelines and hygiene measures to protect ourselves and those we love.

“There are lots of simple things that we must stay in the habit of, like washing hands regularly, wearing a mask where required, meeting up outside while the sun shines and ventilating rooms when we are indoors.

“I’d encourage everyone to get tested regularly. There are test sites all over Dundee, or you can easily access test kits to use at home via the post or from your local pharmacy.

“And of course it is imperative that everyone who is eligible takes up the offer of both jags. I’m grateful to all Dundee citizens who have already done so, and ask those who have not to do so as soon as possible.

“There may be folk out there who think they are ‘immune’ because they had the virus during the peak in Dundee earlier this summer. If you are one of them, and it’s been more than four weeks since you had Covid-19, please go and get the vaccine regardless.”

The Councillor added: “It’s now almost 18 months since the first lockdown began. It’s been a hard road for everyone, and thankfully we are now enjoying quite a bit more freedom.

“No-one wants to see any step back to restrictions, nor do we want to see our hospitals return to the worst pressures of the pandemic. So let’s all keep doing our bit and help reduce the awful toll this virus is taking on our city and our communities.”

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