Prepare for Winter Weather

Prepare for Winter Weather Image

People in Dundee are being urged to take care as temperatures plummet and snow is forecast in the city.

The Met Office has issued a yellow and amber warnings for snow.

Gritter crews will be out across the city tonight and early tomorrow.

To put the scale of their task in perspective, if all Dundee’s adopted roads were laid end to end they would reach to Birmingham - and the city’s adopted pavements would stretch to Plymouth.

As conditions change it may be necessary to treat surfaces more than once.

Depute Convener of City Development Mark Flynn said: β€œAs the snow approaches, I would urge you to be prepared, be careful and be patient.

β€œWe have the gritters at the ready, the salt piles stocked and the team ready to tackle the beast from the east.

β€œI’m sure you’ll have seen that treatment of the network has started and the crews will continue to treat the network over the coming days. 

β€œOur aim is to help keep roads and footways as safe as possible during bad weather, and we constantly monitor conditions and forecasts.

β€œAlready this winter we have experienced difficult underfoot conditions caused by icy weather, which has posed additional challenges for social care services and our colleagues in the NHS.

β€œAs a community it’s important that we come together and help each other, so please check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours to see if they need help getting medicines, food or care.

β€œIf you are going out on foot, please take care as pavements may be slippery. And I would urge drivers to be mindful of the conditions.”

Councillor Flynn added that members of the public can make use of over 750 grit bins across the city.

The weather can change quickly, so it’s important to keep up to date with the latest weather and adapt to conditions.

Our twitter feed will be providing the latest news during the bad weather related to school and other council office closures.

For more information, and to find out how you can help your community, please visit our Winter Weather Page on the website. Our interactive Winter Maintenance Map is available here.

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