Be a Good Neighbour this Christmas

Be a Good Neighbour this Christmas Image

As Christmas approaches, the chair of the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership Ken Lynn is asking  Dundee citizens to spare a thought for people who will  be facing Christmas day on their own. 

Age Scotland reckons that 60,000 people in Scotland will experience Christmas day without family or friends and about 80,000 people over 65 will feel lonelier at Christmas than at any other time of the year. People who are lonely can also have poor physical and mental health. 

Councillor Lynn said "Most of us will be looking forward to spending Christmas with family or friends. However at this time of year there will be people in our community who will be spending Christmas on their own and many will go for days without a visit or a phone call. 

β€œOften the only contact older people will have during the festive period is from staff from the home care service providing meals and home care support. 

"We know this is greatly appreciated by them and the wider community. We also know that friendly calls and offers of help from neighbours and friends are also appreciated, particularly during the Christmas period.  

β€œI would encourage Dundonians to spread a bit of Christmas cheer by looking out for their elderly neighbours and people living on their own."


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