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AN INNOVATIVE project to help people recovering from substance dependency will see them telling their story through film photography.

Developing Recovery launches later this month and is giving film cameras to around 40 people in recovery, relatives and carers to document what it means for them.

The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership, which is behind the idea, will stage an exhibition in the city next month using the mounted prints and the story of the photograph to highlight what recovery means.

Ken Lynn chair of the health and social care partnership said: β€œUsing film allows people to be involved in a process, giving them the opportunity to reflect as they decide what images best capture and sum up their own experience of moving into recovery.

β€œBut as well as the deeply personal elements to taking the pictures of subjects important to them and their recovery journey, this project goes further by offering them the opportunity to tell their own story in a visual and creative way.

β€œI am looking forward to the concluding exhibition for a chance to see an honest view of recovery through the lens of the people who are actually living it day to day.

β€œI’m sure it will help to challenge some of the negative pre-conceptions around recovery and give us hope and inspiration.”

Despite becoming an obsolete or specialised technology project organisers have sourced 40 β€œpoint and shoot” film cameras through friends, relations and the help of the Dundee Photographic Society.

Launching on Thursday (August 31) to coincide with World Overdose Prevention Day the project will conclude with an exhibition of participants’ photographs in the Steeple Church in late September which will run for six months.

The exhibition will form part of the annual Scottish Recovery Walk, which for the first time will be in Dundee this year.

Other events include a β€œRecovery Village” on Magdalen Green, including a marquee which will also highlight participants’ pictures.

The organisers are still looking for people who are in recovery, be it early, or well established, as well as keen photographers who are recovering from someone else’s dependency to take part. 

Please contact Neil Sneddon on 424503 for more information.

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