Not just a roof!

Not just a roof!  Image

A PLAN designed not just to help people in Dundee who are homeless but to prevent it happening in the first place is set to be discussed by councillors.

β€œNot Just A Roof” sets out the strategic direction for the Dundee Homeless and House Options Strategic Planning Partnership for the next five years.

The city council’s neighbourhood services will be told that the partnership aims to ensure that: β€œCitizens of Dundee will be able to live a fulfilled life in their own home or homely setting”.

It added that: β€œIf people do become homeless, they will be able to access quality information, advice and support which will enable them to live a fulfilled life and gain and maintain their own home”.

Developed after gathering the views and experiences of people who have been homeless and other key stakeholders the plan brings together expertise from the public, third sector and academic fields.

 Kevin Cordell convener of the neighbourhood services committee said: β€œOur plan is about more than people needing a home.

 β€œWhat we have brought forward is a greater emphasis on preventative measures, empowerment, inclusion, equality and development and delivery of integrated services from the perspective of people that use them.”

 The plan aims to:

  • Prevent homelessness from happening;  
  • ensure a positive experience of support and services for people who are at risk of becoming or are already homeless; and
  • ensure individuals can live independent, fulfilled and healthy lives.

 Councillor Cordell continued: β€œWe have listened to feedback from those affected by homelessness and understand that the service needs to develop in order to keep pace with current circumstances.

β€œThat means more focus on early intervention despite Dundee being above the Scottish average.

β€œThe plan will help to develop a range of services to prevent homelessness, find or tailor the right service for the individual, and work in the community with those most at risk of homelessness.

 β€œThe key to making these changes successfully is through partnership working.”

Organisations including the University of Dundee, Shelter and the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership have supported development and delivery of the plan.

 The neighbourhood services committee meets on Monday (August 21).


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