Mouse Control

Common place in both urban and rural environments, they are prolific breeders capable of producing a litter of up to 6 offspring every 3 to 4 weeks. So whilst one or two mice might not seem too much of a problem, this can swiftly rise to significant numbers.

They can gnaw through wood, (some) metal, electric cables and plastics, causing untold problems through perhaps the need to rewire, or damage to drainage or even the central heating system. They can also carry disease and should be considered a serious cause for concern in any building.

Our Pest Control Section can provide a thorough and professional inspection and treatment regime to any problems relating to mice. This includes taking into account the environment concerned and, for example, whether other domestic animals may be present. Also we only use approved materials and all baiting is either tamper proof or inaccessible to domestic pets.

For Financial Year 2024/25, the charge for carrying out treatments is £108, however  Gulls/Pigeons/Birds (misc) and Bed Bugs as well as some larger insect infestations require a Pest Control Officer to visit to determine the best course of treatment and a price will be discussed at that time. 

An uplift of an animal carcass is £48 for financial year 2024/25. 

If you wish to proceed to book a treatment please request it online.

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