Grey Squirrels

The grey squirrel was first introduced to this country from the USA in 1876. It is now common throughout Britain and research has shown that since its introduction our native red squirrel numbers have declined so much that within 20 years they could be extinct on mainland Britain. Three quarters of the estimated population of 145,000 red squirrels live in Scotland.

For Financial Year 2024/25, the charge for carrying out treatments is £108, however  Gulls/Pigeons/Birds (misc) and Bed Bugs as well as some larger insect infestations require a Pest Control Officer to visit to determine the best course of treatment and a price will be discussed at that time. 

An uplift of an animal carcass is £48 for financial year 2024/25. 

If you wish to proceed to book a treatment please request it online.

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