Broughty Ferry Flood Protection Scheme

For general information regarding flooding events please see:

Update - January 2019
Dundee City Council have received confirmation from the Scottish Government that planning permission for the project is deemed to be granted. With this approval now in place Dundee City Council can now move into the detailed design of the agreed scheme. Due to the complexity of the project we are looking to engage with a contractor early in the design process to aid the scheme development. The appointment of a contractor is expected in the next few weeks.
Update - October 2018
Dundee City Council have finalised the proposals for the Broughty Ferry Flood Protection Scheme. The final proposed scheme has considered objections from members of the public and any associated planning requirements. As set out in section 60 and Schedule 2 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, Dundee City Council is to issue a Notice of the final scheme to the public. Please find the Notice and scheme documents below:

Update May 2018

The Broughty Ferry Flood Protection Scheme Notification period for public consultation concluded on Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

Dundee City Council is now taking time to consider any objections and potential modifications to the scheme. Council Officers will be in contact with any objectors to discuss their concerns.


Update: March 2018

Dundee City Council are proposing to implement a Flood Protection Scheme for Broughty Ferry. As set out in section 60 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 Formal Notification of the scheme must be given to the public. Please find the scheme documents below:


    Update: February 2018

    A video showing the proposed scheme is available to view on youtube

    Why are we doing this?

    Since 2009 Councils in Scotland have had a duty to work towards a co-ordinated flood risk management plan to reduce the overall risk of flooding from whatever source. Studies have demonstrated that large areas of Broughty Ferry are at significant risk. During a 1 in 200 year event, extreme water levels in the Firth of Tay would exceed the height of the existing defences and cause flooding in the areas of Long Lane and Brook Street. The estimated costs to residents, businesses and infrastructure would be in the region of £97 million with 450 properties at risk. The estimated area at risk is shown on the map below

    Flood Risk Map

    What are we doing ?

    During early 2016 the Council sought the views of the communities affected on the preferred option which is a set-back wall solution which will comprise of a one metre high wall to the rear (roadside) of the footway. Enhancements to the footway will be carried out alongside the wall works. The Wall will include openings to allow for public access with gates that can be drawn over should a risk of flooding occur.

    cross section of flood defence works

    A computer generated overview of the works is available to view on youtube: Click here to view the video on youtube

    View the video on YouTube

    The exact details of the works, including access locations can be viewed on the following maps:

    How is the project to be funded?

    It is expected that 80% of the funds required will be supplied by the Scottish Government Capital Grant for Flood Schemes. The remaining 20% funding has been included within the Dundee City Council Capital Plan 2016-2021.

    Who will be delivering this?

    This project is being led by the Design and Property Division (Engineering Section) of City Development, should you wish to offer comment or require further information please contact us.

    Public Engagement

    • Consultation Event: On Wednesday 13th December2016 an event was held at the Castle Green Community Centre - this event provided an update on the project and sought opinion on the latest design proposal.
    • Materials Sample: a sample of the material to be used for the construction was placed at the notice board at castle pier.(as shown in the image below)


    Sample of wall proposed for Broughty Ferry


    An exhibition and presentation was undertaken in June 2016 with over 200 people attending. A summary document has been produced to illustrate the nature of the comments and feedback received.